Why Build?

Now is the time to RISE! God has called us to join together to build the future of your family, our community, and this church that he has entrusted to us.

During Arise + Build Generation Will

Build Healthy Families

We believe God desires to restore and raise up families. Our desire as a church is to come alongside of you and your family and support you as you seek God. We are committed to providing experiences that encourage individuals, young adults, teens, and children to experience God’s presence, as well as provide opportunities for families to seek and worship Christ together. Your family matters to God and to this church.

Build Our Community

We believe God desires to use US to build and raise up community. Our desire as a church is to bring the PRESENCE of God into every corner of Pinellas County. We are committed to training, equipping, and encouraging the church to be the tangible hands and feet of Christ in our community as we not only reach the lost forChrist, but also have a place for them to find community and discipleship

Build A Legacy

We believe God has called us to partner with him to bring HOPE for the future. Our desire as a church is to partner with God as we change history for generations to come. We desire to partner with you as God uses YOU to bring blessings to your family. We look forward to growing together as the body of Christ and allowing his presence to shift atmospheres in our lives, in our community, and in our church.

Arise + Build With Us

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